Who needs some good news?


It’s been a while since my last post, as it’s been my really busy season in terms of work. So busy, in fact, that I’ve barely left the house over the last few weeks. (Apart from finally getting to see Take That live, of course. But those of you who remember my Mark Owen poster shrine from the 90s will appreciate how much of a Big Deal that was…)

Rather a lot has happened since my WLGH post; Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell Tower… Oh, and that General Election. The news has been pretty depressing all round. And it’s been harder and harder to focus on looking for the helpers, or the reasons to be cheerful.

Do we all need some good news? OK. Here goes. I’ll see what I can do.

Evil Laugh News

It’s been a year since Michael Gove put his name into the goblet of fire that was the Tory leadership battle. A year since he was thoroughly trounced. Does that raise an evil laugh? Yeah, he’s back now and that’s not great, but it does ensure we have a pantomime villain to boo. And an excuse for us to keep watching this:

Follow Forest Friends on Twitter. Trust me. Providers of risky belly laughs on a regular basis.

Yasssssss News

Game of Thrones is back this month!

Summer Time News

Exams are over for another year, and for the teachers among us, we’re nearly at the summer holidays! The sun is occasionally getting his hat on, too. Huzzah!

Beautiful News

Having been introduced to Pajiba 10 at my other writing home, I have to pass it on. It’s an annual celebration of the most gorgeous celebs – inside and out – where you pick your top 5 male and female ‘freebies’. Voting is still open if you want to weigh in! Oh, and you also get to settle the Best Chris argument once and for all. Go on, have a go. Or just have a scroll through the comments and bask in everyone’s lustful joy. Vote here!

Heart-Warming News

This is what happens when desperation is recognised for what it is, and law enforcement reaches for compassion rather than a gun.

Cute, Pure and Lovely News

Follow We Rate Dogs on Twitter. Trust me. Providers of warm fuzzies on a regular basis.

Puppy pictures on Instagram are my medicine of choice when it comes to chicken soup for the soul, but this video is particularly gorgeous. Who knew a chimp hugging a dog (and then pretending to play the bongos on the dog’s back, apparently) could be so therapeutic?

How can I follow that? Have a beautiful week, folks xx


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